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Webinar 1: Canine Keratoconjunctivitis

By Izak Venter
In this talk the following will be covered:

  • Latest definition and pathophysiology of KCS.
  • Cyclosporin vs Tacrolimus [aqueous vs oil]
  • Cyclosporin implants: An alternative to topical application of medication eliminating frequent application of Tacrolimus / Cyclosporin drops.
  • New classification of tearfilm substitutes. Why is the term artificial tear wrong? The latest information regarding tearfilm substitutes will be covered. Some products do a lot more than just wetting the cornea.
  • When are antibiotics indicated?

Webinar 2: Feline Herpers Virus

By Izak Venter

In this talk we will look at all the well-known but also less well know manifestations as well as the latest treatment options. Some interesting new information was published recently dealing with this very common and extremely frustrating disease

Webinar 3: Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis

By Izak Venter

IBK is a well known and frustrating disease with huge economic impact.
During this webinar the following will be covered:

  • The definition, etiology, transmission, predisposing factors and clinical signs of IBK.
  • Treatment of IBK including
  • Which product as well as the where and how of subconjunctival injections.
  • New formulations for the topical treatment of IBK
  • ​Options available for the control of an outbreak.

Webinar 4: Ocular Conditions

By Izak Venter

Besides the accumulation of untreated or partially managed eye disorders from earlier years, the aged dog and cat face specific ophthalmic problems that appear late in life. Conditions that will discussed include calcific keratopathy, senile cataracts and lens induced uveitis, lens subluxation/luxation syndrome and hypertensive retinopathy.

Dr Ockert Botha
Dr Ockert Botha
Dr Izak Venter
Dr Izak Venter