CPD management

All activities need to be accredited by the providers, and attendees uploaded by providers from 2020. There is no need for any external party to manage your CPD any longer. However, you still need to keep a record of unstructured points and CPD activities not accredited by the Council. Please read all the updated and correct information on CPD on the SAVC website: Go to https://savc.org.za/ and navigate to “Professions” and choose the relevant profession. You will find a link to Continued Professional Development here. This is an example of where the Veterinarians information can be found – click here

Certificate request

If you attended any CPD activities and require a certificate of attendance, you may request your CPD certificate by filling in the form below. You will be able to view a list of all CPD activities here and identify those that you participated in. Please note that we will be only able to re-issue CPD certificates issued by Vetlink or through the Vet360 app. Request a duplicate CPD certificate here