Registrees and CPD points 

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Structured CPD points uploaded by CPD Providers (for events that were accredited via the online Provider Portal accreditation process)

  • CPD Providers have to upload CPD points after you have attended their accredited events (you should assist providers by supplying your full names and SAVC registration number when filling out attendance registers).
  • Once uploaded, your CPD points will be available inside your Registree Portal account under the CPD section.
  • You should contact Providers if points do not appear in your personal CPD folder.
  • You cannot upload your own structured CPD points.
  • When you have reached the required amount of structured points, points will automatically transfer to the unstructured CPD points column.
Keeping record of your structured CPD points (for events that were accredited via the manual accreditation process; not via the Provider Portal)
  • CPD points for manually accredited events cannot be uploaded to your CPD table.
  • You have to keep record of all manually accredited CPD activities until 2024 (certificates).
  • Follow up with the Provider if you do not receive your certificate.
Individual accreditation of CPD activities (Allocation of structured individual points) – submission by registrees (when a CPD event is not a SAVC accredited event e.g. events attended abroad, or a SA event attended by fewer than 5 professionals; presenting; training; etc.)
  • Applications for individual accreditation (i.e. allocation of CPD points for individuals, not for providers) should be emailed to Ms Lenora Erasmus at
  • After accreditation, points will be uploaded by the Administration.
Uploading of unstructured points by Registrees
  • You can now upload your own unstructured CPD points in your Registree Portal account.
  • It will be editable until the end of the current CPD cycle.
CPD cycles
  • Previously closed CPD cycles displaying at the bottom of the CPD overview will not display any content (detail), as the online uploading of points only commenced after October 2019. At present it is only a reflection of your cycles since registration. Check whether your CPD cycles are displaying correctly. For queries, you can contact Ms Eleanor Mabuza at
  • Your current cycle will display at the top.
  • Download the CPD Points Allocation Document inside the CPD menu to apprise yourself with the activities and point values.
  • The CPD menu is not available for students and authorised persons as it is not required for them to do CPD.
When Registrees are again subjected to a CPD audit
  • Manual CPD audits will continue until 2024 when the CPD Online Accreditation system becomes aligned with CPD cycles. Random selection CPD audits are taking place and therefore you may appear on the list consecutively. It may also be that you have not complied with CPD requirements during a previous CPD cycle, in which event your name will be added to the list to be audited automatically.
When a Registree realises he/she does not comply with CPD requirements when the CPD cycle is nearing its end
  • You should immediately apply for deferment if the CPD cycle is nearing its end and you are not CPD compliant.
  • Deferment Policy.